Cayenne Pepper 50g

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Green Cuisine Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Pepper is made from the dried and ground pods, to create a bright orange/red spice with a mild aroma but fiery taste. In Europe Cayenne Pepper is commonly used sparingly in egg or cheese dishes, but in Mexican cooking it is more common to find it in hot dips, enchilada sauces, spicy beans and meat marinades. Cayenne Pepper can be added directly to a finished food dish in the same way as black pepper and can add an attractive sprinkle to a pale coloured recipe, such as prawn cocktail. Cayenne Pepper is named after the city of the same name in French Guiana, South America and is a specific type of Capsicum annuum (Chilli pepper).
Dairy FreeNo
Onion &Garlic FreeNo
Sugar FreeNo
Gluten FreeNo
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