Jalfrezi Mix 30g

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Jalfrezi Mix (Jalfrezi Curry Powder)
Jalfrezi Curry Powder Jalfrezi means dry-fry and is about as close as Indian food gets to a stir fry. Add water to the spice mix to create a marinade for diced chicken and leave for 30 minutes before cooking. After that it’s very quick and easy to cook, just fry onion until it starts to brown and then add the marinated chicken, tomato, peppers and chillies to taste and serve with plain rice and/or naan bread and salad. Garnish with, or provide yoghurt and lemon slices. The result is a fantastic subtle dish with a thick dry sauce. The heat of the dish will be regulated by the amount of fresh chilli you choose to add. One 30g pack would create a Jalfrezi curry for up to 8 persons
Dairy FreeNo
Onion &Garlic FreeYes
Sugar FreeYes
Gluten FreeYes
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