Mr Huda’s Chef’s Secrets Pastes & Sauces

Mr Huda’s Chef’s Secrets award winning and highly acclaimed blend of authentic restaurant style curry pastes!

8 Fantastic blends ranging from:

Mr Huda's Pastes and Sauces

Using fresh herbs and authentic spices, all ready blended as a paste just the way the chef’s do it in their kitchens! 20 or more different combinations of ingredients in each jar, uncooked and naturally preserved in rapeseed oil giving you servings of up to 16 per jar!

Now you can create that authentic restaurant style dish with the added flair and taste just the way the professionals do it in their kitchens without all the inconvenience of trying to source all them different ingredients and then blending them!

Superb easy to follow recipes ranging from making Onion Bajee’s to Korma, Jalfrezi to Salmon Tikka, all on our website.

Mr Huda’s Chef’s Secrets range has been developed to make experimenting with indian cuisine easy and exciting, the pastes can be used with vegetables, chicken, beef, lamb and fish for an authentic taste restaurant style. All products have a blend of 20 or more different fresh herbs and authentic spices, uncooked and naturally preserved in rape seed oil. They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Each jar has a serving of up to 16 and keeps when refrigerated up to 8 weeks.


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