Kirkland Signature Green Tea, Matcha Blend, 100 bags

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Sencha green tea with matcha blend! Great Taste - noticeable sweeter than other brands! Nylon filter bag for optimum water flow during brewing! The tag has a slot pre-cut in it to fit on the edge of your cup! Green Tea is a proven source of antioxidants, which promote eye health and aid the immune system
Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags is made with Sencha Green Tea from Japan's lush tea plantations, known for producing some of the best teas in the world. In keeping with Japanese tradition, this tea is gently steamed, rolled, and hen dried. This minimal processing sops the oxidation and preserves the freshness, aroma, and color of the tea leaf. Matcha, a green tea powder made from specially harvested leaves is added to enhance flavor and taste. Our premium nylon tea bag allows for optimum water flow during the brewing process. Stone in the a cool, dry place. See inside box for a cold tea recipe.
Dairy FreeNo
Onion &Garlic FreeNo
Sugar FreeNo
Gluten FreeNo
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