Recommend a Friend

Introduce a friend to SpiceWala and get rewarded!

Once your recommended famly or friends make an order, we will credit you with £5 to spend in our online store.

This is a fantastic way to share your love for our products with your family and friends.


What you need to do...

Complete your details, shown on the refer a friend tab inside your My Account , and enter the email addresses of your friends. Click the SEND E'MAIL button.

You can check the contents of the email before you send it and even add a message of your own, if you prefer.

If your friend clicks on the link in the email and makes an online order worth £25 or more, your account will be credited with £5.

The more friends you recommend our online store to, the more credit you get to spend on yourself!



To qualify for this offer, the specified friend must not already be a registered SpiceWala customer.

Before the credit (£50 maximum limit) can be applied, your friend(s) must place a minimum order of £25 which must be kept, paid for and not returned.

We reserve the right to substitute a similar offer.

To use this feature you must be a customer and signed into your account.