Schwartz Chicken Seasoning 720g

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Suitable for Vegetarians, Ready to Use Jar, a Blend of Salt, Paprika, That Can Be Used for All Types of Chicken.
Schwartz Chicken Seasoning Large 720g Catering Size Jar. Chicken Seasoning is a blend of salt, paprika and onion that can be used for all types of chicken dishes, providing a rich colour and delicious flavour. Beat into softened butter and spread under the skin of chicken or turkey prior to roasting. Mix with olive oil and baste chicken breasts, drumsticks or wings. Add to casseroles, soups or gravies for added depth and enhanced flavour. 1tsp = approx. 1 serving.
Dairy FreeNo
Onion &Garlic FreeNo
Sugar FreeNo
Gluten FreeNo
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