Schwartz Italian Seasoning 190g

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SCHWARTZ ITALIAN SEASONING: A blend of dried mixed herbs with basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, crushed black peppercorns and dried garlic A PERFECT ADDITION: The herbs in our Italian seasoning is just the ticket for tomato sauces and pizzas. The Italian herbs pep up roasted vegetables, oven-baked fish and other Mediterranean favourites FLAVOUR & AROMA: Italian herb spices with a sweet herbal aroma and garlic and pepper tones. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight OTHER IDEAS: Add Italian herb spice to Bolognese and tomato-based sauce to make authentic fresh pasta sauce. it also tastes great in omelettes, or sprinkled over pizzas or roasted vegetables SCHWARTZ: Flavour your way with Schwartz, and discover our wide range of products. From our staple herbs and spices, to seasonings and recipe mixes and many more
Get a little taste of the Mediterranean with a simple shake of this wonderfully blended mix of Italian herbs and spices. Our Italian herb seasoning features a great big burst of oregano, followed by a gentle kick of thyme and basil, rounding off with a little dash of parsley, sage, bay leaves and black pepper. You can't get more authentic than this perfectly balanced blend, so take the hassle out of cooking with this fantastic Italian herb mix. Since 1884 we have been passionate about flavour, providing chefs and families alike, with a variety of high quality ingredients and inspiring blends. No kitchen is complete without a healthy selection of herbs to add immediate flavour to any dish. From traditional English plants such as Parsley and Sage, through to the Mediterranean flavours of Basil, Bouquet Garni and Herbes de Provence, our full range of Schwartz herbs will add a burst of flavour in an instant. We know spices can make a dish zesty, or sweet, or spicy, or herby—but always delicious. Used to transform and enhance the flavour and colour of a huge number of dishes ranging from authentic Indian curries to tasty Mexican fajitas to Spanish paella. Schwartz’s extensive range of spices are the essential ingredient in creating delicious, traditional and ethnic dishes with genuine flavours. The Schwartz team are experts at blending the flavours of herbs and spices to create a range of perfect seasonings. Each seasoning combines different yet complementary flavours to help budding chefs and cooks create dishes with origins from around the world. Convenient, ready-to-use and delivering consistent quality and flavour delivery every time, our seasonings can be sprinkled onto food prior to cooking, used in sauces or marinades, or added last minute to a dish for maximum flavour impact Ingredients Oregano (20%) Basil (20%), Thyme, Rosemary, Black Pepper (10%), Garlic Granules (10%)
Dairy FreeNo
Onion &Garlic FreeNo
Sugar FreeNo
Gluten FreeNo
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