Coriander Seeds 40g

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Green Cuisine Whole Coriander Seeds
Whole Coriander Seeds (Corriandrum sativum) is a Mediterranean herb from the carrot family. The fried fruits of the plant are what we call Coriander seeds. They have a warm, nutty, citrus taste and roasted seeds can also be left whole to provide a tasty savoury snack. The Romans introduced Coriander to Britain and are said to have used the coarsely ground seed in the same way we might use black pepper, particularly to flavour bread and cheeses, regarding it as a high status spice. Coriander fell out of general use in this country (except as an ingredient in gin!) and cooks are still in the process of rediscovering its properties, often through its use in Indian cookery. Mix equal quantities of coriander seeds, black and white peppercorns for a taste better then either on their own. Why not keep a grinder with just coriander seed in it and try grinding it into a range of foods. Anything that is citrus, or that matches with citrus flavours will be boosted by freshly ground coriander and the Romans were right it brings a whole new perspective to cheese!
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